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About Us

Advanz Consultancy Inc. specializes in NZ education, tourism and work visa consultancy services. It is an affiliate of Advanz Healthcare and Advanz Plus based in New Zealand providing assistance to Registered Nurses and other Skilled Professionals respectively and were established by a group of experienced immigration adviser and business experts with proven track record in assisting professionals to STUDY, WORK, VISIT and MIGRATE to New Zealand since 1997.

Our NZ Licensed Immigration Adviser and experienced team will personally guide you throughout the entire process!  We utilize effective assessment techniques ensuring that you are in good hands! We have developed long-term relationships with client professionals internationally and nationwide through the team’s commitment to service excellence.

Our personalized service approach enables us to assist our clients to pursue their dreams and goals in New Zealand.

We listen, we are committed and we value YOU.

Our Advantage

“To achieve excellence in service is our primary goal. It is the core of our business objective, as we ensure customer satisfaction and consistent delivery of results”

We are affiliated with Advanz Healthcare (Nursing services) and Advanz Plus (Education, Visit, Work, Family Reunification for other skilled professionals) which reputable companies locally based in NZ :

  • With a Track record in assisting professionals to study, work & live in NZ since 1997!
  • NZ Licensed Immigration Adviser and experienced team who provides efficient customer service!
  • Excellent success rate on visa applications!
  • Provides appropriate advice and guidance through comprehensive assessments and consultation!
  • Accredited with TOP Educational Institutions New Zealand wide!
  • Fast processing – From 2-3 months!
  • NZ Settlement Services and Effective Employment Guidance with high client achievements!
  • Personalized Care – Clients treated as professionals and like family!
  • Providing personal meet, greet and guidance! (*conditional)
  • Family Reunification Assistance (Spouse, Partner, Child, Parents – *conditional)
  • Cost effective fees and flexible payment options!

Why New Zealand?

Best Study Destination:

  • High Quality – NZ schools, universities and institutes are known worldwide for their high
  • Internationally Recognised Qualifications – NZ qualifications are internationally recognized and
    welcomed by employers
  • The NZ education system is regulated with strong quality assurance systems across the board
    which gives students flexibility to choose the institution they prefer nationwide
  • Life Experience – Students are able to enjoy a range of lifestyles and study in well-equipped but convenient campuses
  • Supportive environment – NZ offers a very supportive environment for students. The New Zealand Government was the first in the world to adopt a Code of Practice that sets out standards for the care of international students, in and out of the classroom.
  • Considered the world’s most beautiful and liveable country!
  • Considered one of the world’s least corrupt and safest country!
  • Rich, strong and growing economy!
  • New Zealand offers a balance lifestyle! (Work, Live & Play)
  • Competitive Salary Rates for skilled professionals!*
  • Pathway to work, residency and citizenship*

Excellent Work Opportunity:

  • New Zealand has the work-life balance! It consistently lead international quality-of-life surveys.
  • Rich, strong and growing economy!
  • Is rated in international surveys as one of the world’s most peaceful & least corrupt country.
  • Is the world’s second most desirable place for families, according to HSBC’s 2015 Expat Explorer survey. With low population density & temperate climate.
  • Job Market – There are several job opportunity for specialists in industries such as healthcare, engineering and IT and there are also job vacancies to contribute more generalist skills. Some skills are in chronically short supply which could be filled by overseas migrants.
  • New Zealand way of working – Kiwis are well known for their positive, ‘can do’ attitude. This means combining traditional ways of doing things with new ideas.
  • Smaller scale, greater involvement – There are fewer organisational levels. Therefore, whatever the particular role, migrants will be more involved as a part of the business giving a chance to expand ones skill set.
  • For those just starting a career, New Zealand will provide hands-on experience and even management opportunities to help migrants hit the ground running.
  • For those with middle or senior management experience, the ability to help train and show New Zealanders new techniques will be of great value.
  • Unstructured, independent working – Status, rank and hierarchies are much less important in Kiwi workplaces. Managers are respected by the staff, but they are seen as one of the team.
    Everyone is treated the same, and employees are assessed on performance and job achievements, instead of previous qualifications, experience or status. Many workplaces have a relaxed, almost family atmosphere.
  • Working together – Teams tend to be smaller and getting along with team members is very important. Networks and contacts in the wider work environment are also very important, so it is good to meet people at social and other events like training and presentations.
  • Support in the workplace – Establishments provide orientation to help employees understand workplace culture.
  • Help with language and communication – To help employees understand some of the finer points of communication in New Zealand workplaces, there’s an interactive learning tool available for use called Worktalk. It looks at how Kiwis at work fit in with each other, how to deal with conflict and explains how instructions and advice are given. (If English isn’t the first language – English for Employees courses run by English Language Partners, a not-for-profit community-based organisation could be accessed. This is a part time, flexible programme designed for people who are already in work.)
  • Help from your employer – larger workplaces in New Zealand provide a service to help employees with any problems they are experiencing called an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Most employers understand that settling in as new migrant can be hard, so if there’s some form of help needed, feel free to ask.
  • Employment rights – New Zealand has a comprehensive set of employment laws that help keep workplaces fair for migrants.
  • Health and safety in the workplace – Migrants and employers are both responsible for making sure the workplace is a safe environment.

Most Beautiful Country to Visit:

  • The Landscapes make you want to applaud (it’s amazing and magnificent)!
  • You can trek one of the world’s finest walks or go for the cycle trail enjoying the country’s waterfalls, mountains, valleys & spellbinding lakes
  • It has spectacular geysers and a marine volcano (world’s best volcano tours!)
  • You’re never far from the sea! Speaking of beaches you’re never far from one in the land of the long white cloud! It has 90-mile beaches known for its extraordinary sunsets, left-hand surf breaks, making it a popular tourist destination!
  • It has great wines and wineries with outstanding views while you dine!
  • It has the world’s best railway journeys!
  • It is one of the prime adventure sports destination in the world offering skydiving, snowboarding, mountain-biking, bungee-jumping and jet-boating in 1 day!
  • It’s a popular country for film making – Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Last Samurai
  • It has glorious gardens! With its natural diversity, range of climate that allow a vast variety of plants, trees & shrubs to flourish.
  • Tourists can enjoy delicious culinary creations of top restaurant chefs, view mighty resident sperm whales, fly over glaziers and more…
  • Encouraging creativity – NZ is a young country where independence, initiative and resourcefulness are more highly regarded than status or rules. Learning here rewards inventiveness and creativity.
  • Work while studying – Students work while studying which can be a good way to get work experience and earn a little extra to help pay bills.
  • Once Students finish their study, they may be eligible to stay on and work in New Zealand

Our Services

  • Free Info Session
  • Free review of qualifications upon meeting initial requirements
  • Comprehensive Application Assessment Consultation
  • Extensive guidance from start of application, arrival in New Zealand for study till obtaining a job offer
  • Settlement assistance
  • Employment guidance
  • Visa application assistance
  • Family Reunification Visa Assistance ( Spouse, Partner, Child) *Conditions Apply

Study Visa

We specialise in assisting students for Tertiary (University) Level Study and Post Graduate / Masteral Programmes and other Courses.

  • We are accredited with TOP Educational Institutions in New Zealand
  • We provide NZ settlement services and employment guidance.
  • We are based in NZ and facilitate efficient direct communications. We provide pre-departure and arrival orientations.
  • We provide personalised assistance throughout the entire process
  • Facilitation of Visa application by our NZ Licensed Immigration Adviser
  • Settlement Guidance & Client follow through in coordination with School
  • Employment Guidance
  • Visa Assistance after Study and Family Reunification if required *Conditions Apply

Work Visa

We assist the following for Work Visa to New Zealand:

  • Migrant Workers who have obtained Job Offers whether in NZ or Overseas.
  • NZ Employers who have hired migrant workers in NZ or Overseas
  • Recruitment companies who facilitate work placements for migrant workers in NZ or Overseas *Conditions apply
  • We provide personalised assistance throughout the entire process
  • Facilitation of Visa application by our NZ Licensed Immigration Adviser & experienced team
  • We provide NZ settlement guidance * Conditions apply
  • Settlement Guidance * Conditions apply
  • Family Reunification visa assistance if required (Partner, Spouse, Children) *Conditions Apply

Visit Visa

We assist the following for Visit Visa to New Zealand:

  • Tourists to NZ (individual, family or group)
  • Visitors to NZ on specific purpose (i.e. conference, wedding, visiting relative, etc)
  • Travel Agencies who facilitate tours to NZ
  • We provide personalised assistance throughout the entire process
  • Facilitation of Visa application by our NZ Licensed Immigration Adviser & experienced team

Contact Us

Advanz Consultancy Inc.
Door 3, 2nd Floor VCFI Building
36 Archbishop Reyes Ave. Cebu City (beside Red Planet Hotel/fronting Ayala Mall)

Phone: +63-92-402 0314

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